Florida Hurricane Protection with Stormwatch Fabric Hurricane Shutters

StormWatch Hurricane Screens for windows.

Fabric based hurricane screens are quickly replacing metal hurricane shutters as the preferred hurricane protection product and there are very good reasons for this.

Benefits of screens include:

  • Light weight
  • Removable
  • See through
  • Minimal visual impact on the home
  • Cost savings
  • No maintenance
StormWatch Hurricane Screens are lightweight, removeable, and cost saving.

Fabric based hurricane screens are the only hurricane protection product that can withstand multiple debris strikes without damage.

A home is simply better protected with hurricane screens and they are more cost effective than any other type of hurricane protection.

Traditional metal shutters have long been thought of and sold as the best protection available. This was based on the belief that metal shutters would protect a window during debris strikes. Real world testing has shown this to be completely untrue (see video).

Metal products fail to stop windows from breaking in every impact test performed, even worse, the metal shutters also break. That means even more repair bills.

A similar reality exists for impact glass. Unlike its name suggests, impact glass is not impact resistant; it is designed to break if it gets hit by debris, that is how it absorbs the energy of the debris strike.

The advantage of impact glass is that you don’t have to do anything to get ready for a hurricane. The disadvantage is that impact glass products break in every impact test performed. So while a homeowner may save time getting ready for a hurricane, they can expect expensive repair bills after the hurricane.

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Florida Hurricane Protection with Stormwatch Fabric Hurricane Screens and Shutters
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