Florida Hurricane Protection with Stormwatch Fabric Hurricane Shutters

StormWatch Screens are High Velocity Hurrizane Zone approved.

StormWatch Hurricane Screens can be made to match your house.All of StormWatch's fabric shutters are designed to meet the rigorous demands of Florida's Building Code as well as the International Building Code for storm shutters. Some fabric shutters include approval for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), aka Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

The standards to which we test hurricane fabric include: Florida's (Miami-Dade) TAS standards
  • TAS 201 Large Missile Impact
  • TAS 202 Uniform Static Air Pressure
  • TAS 203 Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading
As well as the International Building Code's ASTM standards:
  • ASTM E1886-05 Cyclic Pressure Differential
  • ASTM E1996-05 Impact by Windborne Debris
  • ASTM E330-02 Uniform Static Air Pressure

Additionally, StormWatch continuously performs rigorous in-house testing to make sure our products outperform those of our competitors. The videos below show head to head tests between the StormWatch anchor clamp and various competing attachment methods.

At the core of the StormWatch hurricane screen are the patent pending anchor connection clamps and solid fiberglass battens hidden in the top and bottom edges of the screens. These elements work together to solve the problem of point loading in hurricane screens.

StormWatch Hurricane Screen Anchor Clamps
StormWatch Hurricane Screen Anchor Clamps

Point loading occurs at the anchor connections of hurricane screens that do not properly distribute the wind pressure evenly across the screen. It has been proven time and again, that in conditions where other hurricane screens fail, StormWatch hurricane screens are not even damaged.


StormWatch shutters are approved under FL 8637, click here to view the product approval

Additionally, you can go to the Florida Building Commission's web site at www.floridabuilding.org, click on "Product Approval" and use the approval numbers above to view StormWatch's approvals.
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Florida Hurricane Protection with Stormwatch Fabric Hurricane Screens and Shutters
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