Florida Hurricane Protection with Stormwatch Fabric Hurricane Shutters

StormWatch Screens are High Velocity Hurrizane Zone approved.

We have worked with many do-it-yourselfers who have successfully ordered and installed StormWatch Hurricane Screens on their own homes. We have readily available technical support to answer all your questions.

"You guys have been amazing and we really appreciate your incredible customer service."
- Shane, The Bahamas

The best place to start is by downloading this Project Kit PDF. This will provide you with step by step instructions on how to measure your openings and proceed with an order.

"Thanks again for your help. You were most cordial on the phone and definitely got the ball rolling for my order. I was sold on your product after talking to you because you were so helpful and knew your product so well."
- Barb, Eastpoint, FL

We do get asked a few questions on a regular basis, so we thought we'd share these and see if they are helpful to you as well.
StormWatch Hurricane Screens can be made to match your house.

We offer two standard anchor styles which work in most substrates:
Male PanelMates are studded anchors. These have a threaded portion that embeds in the structure, and a threaded post that protrudes from it. The post can be inserted through the grommet or clip of the screen, and held in place with a washered wingnut.

These are easier to use when deploying the screen, but have a slightly negative aesthetic in that they have posts sticking out of the house, even if the screen is removed completely.
StormWatch Hurricane Screens quality construction and proven performance
Female PanelMates are flush mount anchors that install flush to the surface of the substrate. A separate bolt is then threaded through the grommet or clip of the screen and into the receiving part of the installed anchor. These are slightly trickier for deployment as the bolt has to be lined up with the anchor, but leave a much smaller visual impact on the home.

When the screens are not deployed, the anchors are capped and protected with a simple, low profile bolt that is approximately the size and thickness of a nickel.

Are they certified?
Yes, StormWatch hurricane screens are certified by the Florida Product Approval System. The product approval number is FL8637-R4.
What windspeed are they rated to withstand?
250MPH, but this really doesn't matter since no building will survive these windspeeds. What does matter to your building department and your insurance company is the potential wind pressure on the opening that is going to be covered and making sure the protective screen has a pressure rating high enough for that opening. When you look at the engineering documents of a product and look closely at the anchor schedule you will see different anchor spacing for different pressure levels. To get a permit, and for insurance coverage, the anchor spacing must be correct for the pressure level and the size of the opening.
How long is the warranty?
We offer a 10 year warranty. You can view a copy here.
How long will it take to get them?
This depends on the size and complexity of the order, but typically falls within about two weeks from the date production begins. Of course, during hurricane season, this may take a bit longer.
Can I install these myself or do I need to use a dealer or contractor?
This depends on your skill level. We have worked with many do it yourselfers who have successfully ordered and installed their own screens. However, if you prefer to work with one of our authorized dealers, we'll be happy to connect you with someone servicing your area. Alternately, you may choose to work with a contractor you know personally to install your screens.
How much do they cost?
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Will they satisfy my insurance company's requirements?
Yes, because StormWatch Hurricane Screens are approved and certified to meet both the standards set forth by the State of Florida and the International Building Code, they are recognized by all local Building Departments. As long as they are installed properly to comply with your local building code, they will meet your insurance company's requirements. If your insurance company or local Building Department has any questions, please feel free to have them contact us.
Why is it called the DIY Screen?
We call it this because it is a very simple product design that ships and stores in a small space, it's perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner. If you have a ladder, a tape measure and a drill, you have the tools you need to measure and install these screens.
Are they compliant to the 2010 building code?
Yes, StormWatch hurricane screens are some of the strongest hurricane shutters made and even though the wind speed for your area may have increased, they are still well below the maximum wind speeds of our screens.
How do I know what pressure rating I need?
StormWatch has done the work for you by starting with a good design and building a strong product. Our hurricane screens have a design pressure rating that exceeds every possible installation condition because we engineer for the worst case scenario, not minimum code compliance like other companies do. For every shutter except StormWatch, you will have to perform a series of calculations, it's very complicated and you should consult a professional or you run the risk of not being able to permit your shutters and having an insurance company deny a claim if one ever had to be made.
Are there limitations to the Grommet Screens?
Yes, the grommet screen is strong, but it is not the strongest system we manufacture. In some cases, the wind-zone the house is in, or the size of the opening will require an upgrade to the premium class of screens. We review every order for code compliance and will let you know if there is an issue.

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Florida Hurricane Protection with Stormwatch Fabric Hurricane Screens and Shutters
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